Choose your Ninza

Kaitlyn, Ifgwym, Tobias and Juan, they all got their own movesets and attacks. Learn to play them all to become a true Ninza!

Push blocks

Every block has his own special and useful power. Read the level and trigger deadly chain reactions.

Super attacks

Chargin your attack long enough will transform it into a powerful super attack. Those super attacks are triggering special powers of the blocks they hit, like; granting you a shield or even reverse the scrolling's direction.

Change the rules

The Mo0n doesn't let dead Ninzas rest in peace. When dying you become a ghost capable of haunting blocks.

And much more

Indeed there's already more content and cool mechanics for your to discover. We're also actively working on the game and we keep adding cool stuff.

There's plenty of new features we're planning to add: more gamemodes, solo and coop mode, etc... We're also listening to our community to improve the game on the way and focus our effort on what matters.

Join the beta
Instant play, free access, no login required
Current version: Sandals

Ninza is in open beta phase. It means everyone can try out the game for free. Also, We are adding new content and features through (kind of) regular updates.


Don't be shy and give us a shout on our Discord server! Join our community and let's create an awesome game together!

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